BTCPi (feat. BTCPayServer)

Raspberry Pi 4 image for BTCPayServer

BTCPi (feat. BTCPayServer)

Installing BTCPayServer is easy as Pi.

BTCPi DIY Bitcoin/Lightning Node for under $200!

Install BTCPayServer in 5 easy steps.

Warning! Your external SSD will be reformatted, make sure your drive does not contain anything you plan to keep.

  1. Download compressed image
  2. Unzip image.
  3. Flash image to SD card using Belena Etcher or Rufus.
    • Expert tip - Skip the SD card and flash the image directly to your USB 3.0 SSD if your RPi4 can boot from USB.
  4. Insert SD card and connect external USB SSD to Raspberry Pi (make sure you use one of the blue USB 3.0 ports).
  5. Power on Raspberry Pi.

Wait 10 minutes, open browser and go to btcpay.local

Don’t forget to change your password!

  1. Obtain the internal IP address of your BTCPayServer by logging into your router and looking for ‘btcpay’ under attached devices. If you don’t have access to your router try Angry IP Scanner.
  2. SSH into your BTCPi using it’s IP address with Putty.
  3. Username = pi
  4. Password = raspberry
  5. type ‘passwd’ and follow the prompts to change your password.

Access BTCPayServer using the Tor Browser

  1. SSH back into your BTCPi
  2. Type or paste the following command
  3. Copy and paste the .onion address into the Tor Browser.

sudo tail /var/lib/docker/volumes/generated_tor_servicesdir/_data/BTCPayServer/hostname

Access your BTCPayServer over the clear net.

There a few options for getting your BTCPayServer on the clear net.

  1. Already have a domain name and static IP?
    a. Forward ports 80, 443 and 9735 to the internal IP address of your BTCPi. b. Create an ‘A’ record at your domain registrar that points to your external IP address. c. Log into your BTCPayServer and change the domain under Server Settings -> Maintenance

  2. Want to stay on Tor but need clear net? a. Follow the Reverse Proxy to Tor instructions. b. or sign up for the BTCPayServer2Tor from Lightning In a Box.

For more information visit

BTCPi GitHub Repo